Life - Part 1

… How nice it would be to see the i1mage – or at least the details – of how it all happened. For example what kind of a room it was, was it day or night, try to see the marks of time on wallpapers and on books below the window, and then go from there; but no, there is no longer need to rush, besides, details are not known, except for one, the most important one – at that time, they were listening to a Beethoven symphony.

From the distant past of bygone decades, sometimes, acoustics perception miraculously improves. From the postwar Riga of the 50s, somehow, it was revealed which symphony – it was the third. They were listening to the Third, when the boy, their son, who was about 4-years old, entered the room. He forced the parents to turn off the music, and even started crying. Why? “That was too beautiful” – he explained. “So beautiful, I could not take it.”