Mozart – Violin concerto #3 (1968 & 1993)

Two recordings of Mozart’s Third Concerto – the earlier one from 1968 and the later one from 1993. In the later recording, there is a kind of mystery and it is difficult to decide what to like more: the violinist’s dazzling brilliance of ‘68 (could you wish for more from a 22-year old violinist who plays THUS?), the joie de vivre, when a person sings with all his heart, without thinking, like a nightingale… or, for example, six notes in the finale of ’93, when without missing the rhythm by a hair, with just sound and vibration, unbearably and painfully compressed, he creates a broken impression, so that you must recall the crack which passes through what? We all remember. This is only a small piece in the composition of another picture. Sometimes you feel astonishment that this is one and the same score.